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Monkey’s Paradise

Indulge in all your fruit and vegetable fantasies with our tasty dehydrated range of fruit and vegetable snacks


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Native Delights

Take your taste buds to your nostalgic memories with our range of native snacks with a modern twist


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 B2B Products

Explore our entire range of dehydrated fruits & herbs using our unique LTV dehydration process.For wholesale buyers.


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Our Story

Navji Naturals began with the idea to develop a range of fruit based snacks and juice concentrates that did not stray away too much from the original fruit itself. In short, we wanted to give people healthy snacks that did not have additional sugar or additives, but retained the taste of the fruit and stayed fresh for a longer period of time.

Being technocrats, the creators of Navji, built dehydration plants using LTV Technology. Creating the best value addition to the product in terms of recipe and taste and then dehydrating them at relatively lower temperature ensured a couple of things. Hygiene stood at the top as the dehydration process is done in a clean environment as opposed to sun-drying which is affected by dust and UV rays.

Retained nutrition of almost 80% of the original fruit or vegetable after processing was the next key. And the most important of all no compromise in taste and in fact enhancing the taste naturally remains the key advantages of this processing method.

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Our Products
Dehydrated Honey Flavored Banana

Quick energy bites to keep you going
Easy to carry and accessible anywhere at anytime


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Shallot Onion Vadagam

Fitness friendly with 80% less oil & no compromise on taste
Prepared in Clean room environment with utmost hygiene


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 Nelli Vadai ( Amla Crispies)

With the goodness of Amla mixed with the best spices to tingle your senses with minimal heating and cooking


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Farmer Profiles

Working directly with our farmers is one of the central principles of Navji naturals. Hence our production units are strategically placed near farming communities to get the best produce and at the same time give back to the farmers in the form of knowledge and assistance in their farming practices. Explore our happy farmers.

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