Our Story

Navji Naturals began with the idea to develop a range of fruit based snacks and juice concentrates that did not stray away too much from the original fruit itself. In short, we wanted to give people healthy snacks that did not have additional sugar or additives, but retained the taste of the fruit and stayed fresh for a longer period of time.

Being technocrats, the creators of Navji, built dehydration plants using LTV Technology. Creating the best value addition to the product in terms of recipe and taste and then dehydrating them at relatively lower temperature ensured a couple of things. Hygiene stood at the top as the dehydration process is done in a clean environment as opposed to sun-drying which is affected by dust and UV rays. Retained nutrition of almost 80% of the original fruit or vegetable after processing was the next key. And the most important of all no compromise in taste and in fact enhancing the taste naturally remains the key advantages of this processing method.


We initially focused on dehydrated banana varieties for its high energy levels, health benefits and popularity of the fruit itself. The result is our product Honey Flavored Dehydrated Banana that will be an excellent alternate to your snacking habits while providing you with much needed energy to keep you spirited through the day. We created the brand Monkey’s Paradise for the range of products based on fruits and vegetables.

Now that we have expertise in dehydration, we sought another range of much loved products that stemmed from our traditional cooking and hence much tougher to find with authentic taste. For many, one bite of these products can take us through a childhood nostalgic stroll. These products have become hard to find due to lack of knowledge or inability to prepare it in a large scale under hygienic conditions. Our answer was the range of products under the brand NATIVE DELIGHTS. Currently we have brought out traditional Onion Shallot Crispies (Vadagams) in a ready-to eat format – golden brown with 80% less oil so that you don’t have to go through the trouble of frying it to the right form. More products based in our nativities are being developed.

Navji's Core Team

T.Pranav Kumar, B.Des, MBA - Founder

With a background in Industrial Product Design and having run an Environmental Engineering Company for more than 7 years starting at a young age, Mr.Pranav has been the visionary behind Navji Naturals trying to provide a solution for the high amounts of agricultural wastage with his knowledge of drying and evaporative technologies and bring to people a tasty, healthy snack variety that would benefit everyone.

N.Thanikasalam Raja,M.E, I.I.Sc - Chief Design Engineer

With more than 25 years experience of Designing new technologies at HAL Bangalore, ACME Delhi, SARA ELGI Coimbatore and 3R TECHNOLOGY Chennai, Mr.Thanikasalam serves as our technology head. Having done a majority of his work in Environmental Sciences, his specialty water based technologies is the core of Navji’s Dried fruit Snacks.

T.Sujatha, Workforce Manager

From being a successful homemaker, to being an amazing cook, Mrs.T.Sujatha has been instrumental in developing varieties for our fruit snacks and at the base of all she serves as the hands- on manager of personnel at our production unit thereby bringing our entire unit together as one whole family.

T.Prajitha, MA,MIB IESEG, France – Marketing Head

Stemming from a journalistic background coupled with International Business research experience, Ms.T.Prajitha heads the Marketing Department with a mixture of technology and people skills and passion towards the intent of Navji Naturals. Having experienced first-hand the lifestyle in Europe, she serves as our market strategist for Domestic as well as International markets.

V.G.Ramesh – Mentor & Consultant

Having set up a long chain of restaurants throughout South India, Sri Lanka and in the Middle East such as Adyar Ananda Bhavan, Chennai’s first 100 varieties Dosa in the year 2003, Kaaraikudi Chettinad Restaurants etc., Mr.V.G.Ramesh serves on our board as Mentor and Food Technology Consultant for our range of dehydrated fruit snacks with his illustrious experience in running huge brands of restaurants.